Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sty Guy

Dear Chicken Butt,

A close guy friend bemoaned the fact that his thirty-nine-old girlfriend wants to have children and won’t continue the relationship if he won’t consider this. He confided that he wishes he’d met her five years ago, that her best years are gone and that he’s left with the dregs. I’m thirty-nine also so he really hurt my feelings. This is why I don’t want to date anymore. Am I too sensitive?

--Wounded Chick

Dear Chick,

“Best years” for what? If he meant for best years for breeding, which seems a standard measure of women’s worth, yes, the best years are dwindling away. But Close Guy Friend sounds a little like Mr. My-hair-is-too-dark-to-cover-how-old-I-really-am James Woods who had that line about dating--that you want a puppy, not a dog. Poor puppy, I hope she pees all over his house. Close Guy Friend’s attitude doesn’t deserve a response, really. Just continue to live your best and more interesting years—and visualize where Close Guy Friend belongs:



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